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All of our hygrometers display relative humidity as the larger number in the center and the temperature in the upper center in Fahrenheit or Celsius whichever you choose

yes everything you need to start curing the moment you open up our kit.

(4) Island Herbz cure lids with digital hygrometer and silicone rubber seal

(4) 100% organic 8 Gram 62% 2 way humidity controllers (cures up to 1 oz per pack)

island Herbz canna scoop card

Island Herbz white water erase marker and an Island Herbz slap on sticker!

yes our humidity controllers contains ZERO SALT and zero chemicals. no more worries about a chemical cure or the contents breaking open in your stash.

100% recycled processed plant fiber. guaranteed to never make your stash taste funny or taste like chemicals!

Choose From our Intermediate (8 lid kit) and Pro kits (12 lid kit) AVAILABLE NOW

Island Herbz Products Help To Improve The Curing Process Of Cannabis By Maintaining The Optimal Humidity Levels. This Results In A Smoother, Tastier, And More Potent Product. Island Herbz Products Are Also Air Tight, Which Helps To Prevent Mold And Mildew From Growing.

The Curing Process Can Take Anywhere From 2 Weeks To 2 Months. The Exact Time Will Depend On The Type Of Cannabis You Are Curing And The Desired Results. However, Using Island Herbz Products Will Help To Shorten The Curing Time And Produce A Better Product.

The Island Herbz Cure Starter Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Cure Your Cannabis Properly. The Kit Includes A Hygrometer To Measure The Humidity Levels, A Curing Jar, And Humidity Packs To Maintain The Desired Humidity Levels. To Use The Kit, Simply Place Your Cannabis In The Curing Jar And Add The Humidity Packs. The Hygrometer Will Let You Know When The Humidity Levels Are In The Optimal Range.

Yes, You Can Buy Extra Humidity Packs From Island Herbz. The Packs Come In A Variety Of Sizes And Humidity Levels. You Can Choose The Packs That Will Maintain The Optimal Humidity Levels For Your Specific Strain Of Cannabis.

Yes, Island Herbz Lids Are 100% Hermetically Air Tight. This Helps To Prevent Mold And Mildew From Growing And Preserves The Flavor And Potency Of Your Cannabis.


Bio-Photonic Cure Jars & Smart Mason Lids - Island Herbz Digital Curing Solutions

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