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“Curing Cannabis corresponds to aging a good wine. If the Cannabis quality is average, it is not worth the effort and time necessary to cure it. On the other hand, if the buds are high grade, it is well worth waiting a little longer to get the best out of it.” — FRANCO, THE STRAIN HUNTER

Island Herbz - Curing Cannabis Digitally & Organically

Island Herbz Complete Cure Solutions - Curing Cannabis Digitally & Organically & Safely

Tips for Curing Cannabis Correctly with Miron UV Glass

If you want to use Miron UV glass to cure and store your cannabis, here are some extra tips to follow:

  • Choose a cool, dry, and dark spot for curing your cannabis. Avoid places that are exposed to direct sunlight, heat sources, or humidity fluctuations.
  • Maintain a humidity level of between 62% and 65% inside your Miron UV glass jars. You can use a digital hygrometer to monitor the humidity level, and adjust it with humidity packs if needed.
  • Rotate your cannabis buds every few days to ensure even curing. Gently shake or stir the buds inside the jars to redistribute the moisture and prevent mold or mildew from forming.
  • Patience is key; curing cannabis usually takes 30 days or more. Don’t rush the process or open the jars too often, as this can affect the quality of your cannabis.

Curing Cannabis Digitally Organically & Safely

Miron UV glass is specially designed to filter out the harmful wavelengths of light that can damage your cannabis. Unlike regular glass, which allows most of the visible light spectrum to pass through, Miron UV glass only lets in violet and infrared light. These wavelengths of light have beneficial effects on your cannabis, such as activating the natural defense mechanisms of the plant and enhancing its molecular structure. By blocking out the rest of the light spectrum, Miron UV glass prevents your cannabis from losing its potency and flavor over time.

How Miron UV Glass Improves Your Cannabis Curing and Storing Process

Besides shielding your cannabis from UV light, Miron UV glass also offers other advantages that can improve your cannabis curing and storing process. Here are some of them:


  • Optimal Curing: Curing cannabis correctly is essential to unlock its full potential. Curing involves drying the buds slowly and evenly in a cool, dry, and dark environment. This allows the moisture to escape gradually, while preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes that give cannabis its effects and aromas. Miron UV glass provides the ideal environment for curing cannabis, as it keeps the buds dark and steady, while allowing some air exchange through the lid.

  • Extended Shelf Life: Storing cannabis properly is important to maintain its quality and freshness for longer. Storing involves keeping the buds in a cool, dry, and dark place, with a humidity level of between 62% and 65%. This prevents mold, mildew, or bacteria from growing on your cannabis, while also preventing it from drying out or losing its potency. Miron UV glass extends the shelf life of your cannabis by shielding it from light, heat, moisture, and oxygen, which are the main factors that can degrade your cannabis over time.

  • Enhanced Appearance: Cannabis cured and stored with Miron UV glass will have a much more vibrant color and overall look than cannabis cured and stored with regular glass or plastic containers. This is because Miron UV glass preserves the natural pigments of the plant, such as chlorophyll and anthocyanin, which give cannabis its green or purple hues. Cannabis cured and stored with Miron UV glass will also retain its shape and texture better than cannabis cured and stored with other materials.

Introducing Island Herb’z All-New Curing Kits: Unleash the Perfect Cure!

Are you ready to elevate your cannabis curing game? Look no further than Island Herb’s revolutionary Curing Kits, designed to deliver the ultimate curing experience for discerning enthusiasts like you. Packed with cutting-edge features and crafted with utmost precision, our kits are here to ensure that your cannabis reaches its peak potency, flavor, and aroma.

🌿 Wide Mouth Digital Mason Tops with Airtight Design: Our kits include state-of-the-art wide mouth digital Mason tops, featuring an all-new airtight design. These lids are meticulously engineered to seal in freshness and protect your valuable buds from external contaminants, ensuring a superior curing environment. Experience the joy of an air-locked sanctuary for your cannabis.

🌡️ Digital Hygrometer for Precise Monitoring: Each lid in our Curing Kits comes equipped with a digital hygrometer. With the push of a mechanical button, you can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings or turn it off when not in use. Stay in complete control and achieve optimal humidity levels for your curing process.

⚙️ Mechanical Button Design for Long-Lasting Use: We understand the importance of durability and longevity. That’s why our digital hygrometer lids are built with a robust mechanical button design, ensuring extended usage without compromising performance. Your curing journey deserves nothing less than the best.

🌬️ 100% Organic 2-Way Humidity Controllers at 62%: Experience the epitome of precision curing with our 100% organic 2-way humidity controllers, set at the ideal humidity level of 62%. These controllers actively maintain the perfect moisture balance, allowing your cannabis to cure gracefully while preserving its terpene profiles and potency. Say goodbye to dry or overly damp buds.

📝 Island Herbz Flower Scoop Card: As a token of our appreciation, each Curing Kit includes an exclusive Island Herbz Flower Scoop Card. This handy tool makes transferring and handling your cured buds a breeze. Enjoy the convenience and elegance of our meticulously designed scoop card, tailored to enhance your cannabis experience.

White Water Erase Marker: Write down cure dates, strain names, or simply doodle on your jars with our included White Water Erase Marker. This high-quality marker allows you to easily mark and update your curing jars, keeping your curing process organized and personalized. Express your creativity while maintaining a neat and informative curing environment.

🎟️ Island Herbz Slap-On Vinyl Sticker: Show off your love for Island Herb with our exclusive Slap-On Vinyl Sticker. Decorate your curing jars or any other surface with this high-quality, weather-resistant sticker. Let the world know that you’re part of the Island Herbz community while adding a touch of style to your curing setup.

🎁 The Perfect Kit for Every Enthusiast: We offer three kit options, each designed to cater to your specific needs:

1️⃣ Starter Kit: Begin your curing journey with 4 digital hygrometer lids, 4 humidity packs, an Island Herbz Flower Scoop Card, a White Water Erase Marker, and an Island Herbz Slap-On Vinyl Sticker. This kit is ideal for those starting their exploration of the art of cannabis curing.

2️⃣ Intermediate Kit: Level up your curing game with 8 digital hygrometer lids, 8 humidity packs, an Island Herbz Flower Scoop Card, a White Water Erase Marker, and an Island Herbz Slap-On Vinyl Sticker. Perfect for those looking for a more substantial curing capacity.

3️⃣ Pro Kit: Unleash the full potential of your curing prowess with 12 digital hygrometer lids, 12 humidity packs, an Island Herbz Flower Scoop Card, a White Water Erase Marker, and an Island Herbz Slap-On Vinyl Sticker. This kit is crafted for true connoisseurs who demand the highest level of control and efficiency.

💰 The Unmatched Value: Not only do our Curing Kits provide unparalleled features and quality, but they also deliver exceptional value. Each kit offers an incredible package deal, bundling our cutting-edge technology, accessories, and personalization items at an irresistible price point. Elevate your curing experience without breaking the bank.