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Unveiling the Science Behind Bio-Photonic Glass: Insights for Growers

Bio-Photonic Cure Jars & Smart Mason Lids - Island Herbz Digital Curing Solutions Includes 100% Organic 2 Way Humidity Packs

Behold The Transformative Potential Of Island Herbz’s Bio-Photonic Glass Jars

an innovation rooted in scientific precision that maximizes the potential of your cannabis cultivation.


Light as a Catalyst

Understanding the interplay between light and plant biology is crucial for optimizing cannabis cultivation. Scientific research has revealed that specific light spectrums, such as UV-A and infrared light, play pivotal roles in stimulating biochemical pathways within plants. These pathways can enhance cannabinoid and terpene production, leading to more robust and potent cannabis strains.


The Role of Preservation

Preserving the potency and integrity of your harvest begins at storage. Our Bio-Photonic Glass Jars are meticulously designed to harness the beneficial aspects of light while mitigating its damaging effects. This glass facilitates the transmission of UV-A and infrared light—known to induce favorable biochemical reactions—while safeguarding your cannabis from harmful wavelengths that contribute to degradation.


Preservation Parameters

Optimal storage conditions are critical post-harvest. Scientifically, controlled humidity and temperature, coupled with our specialized glass jars, create an environment that preserves the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of your cannabis strains. This preservation ensures that the nuances of flavor, aroma, and therapeutic properties remain intact until consumption.


A Commitment to Grower Success

At Island Herbz, our commitment goes beyond products; it’s about empowering cannabis growers with scientifically proven preservation methods. Incorporate our Bio-Photonic Glass Jars into your post-harvest routines to ensure your cannabis reaches its pinnacle potential and your cultivation endeavors flourish.

The Island Herbz Advantage


  • Maximized Potency: Scientifically tailored light filtration maintains the potency of cannabinoids and terpenes within your herbs and spices, ensuring a robust and enduring experience.
  • Protection from Degradation: Studies affirm that UV-A and infrared light can trigger processes that fortify the plant’s natural defenses, ensuring your cannabis remains robust and protected.

A Commitment to Scientific Excellence

At Island Herbz, our Bio-Photonic Glass Jars are not just a storage solution; they’re a scientific approach to cannabis preservation. Backed by the principles of photobiology and meticulous craftsmanship, our glass jars provide an environment that optimally nurtures your cannabis, preserving its essence and elevating your cannabis journey to unparalleled heights.

The Science of Bio-Photonic Glass: Revolutionizing Cannabis Preservation


Island Herbz’s Bio-Photonic Glass Jars aren’t just containers; they’re a revolution in cannabis preservation backed by rigorous scientific principles.

Harnessing Light for Preservation

Our specialized Bio-Photonic Glass is crafted with a distinctive violet hue, strategically designed to harness the beneficial properties of light. This glass selectively filters out harmful light wavelengths while allowing the transmission of specific light spectrums, particularly UV-A and infrared light.

Understanding Photobiology

Cannabis preservation is deeply intertwined with photobiology, the study of how light impacts biological systems. Scientific studies have shown that exposure to certain wavelengths of light, especially UV-A and infrared light, can trigger biochemical reactions within plants, enhancing their natural defense mechanisms and promoting beneficial biochemical processes.

Optimal Preservation Conditions

By permitting these specific light spectrums while blocking harmful rays, our Bio-Photonic Glass creates an environment that encourages these positive biochemical reactions without subjecting your cannabis to detrimental effects. This unique filtration process significantly reduces the degradation caused by light exposure, preserving the potency, flavor profile, and therapeutic properties of your cannabis stash.

Creating Bio-Photonic Purple UV glass, a distinctive type of glass known for its protective properties against harmful light, involves a meticulous process. This glass is especially relevant in the context of preserving the freshness and potency of cannabis, herbs, and spices, like those stored in your Island Herbz products. Let’s delve into the intricate production process:

  1. Raw Material Selection: The process begins with selecting high-quality raw materials. Key ingredients typically include silica sand (SiO2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone (CaCO3), and various minerals that contribute to the glass’s unique properties. The choice of these materials is crucial as they determine the glass’s basic structure and qualities.

  2. Melting and Coloring: The raw materials are mixed in precise proportions and melted in a furnace at temperatures ranging from 1,600 to 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit (870 to 1540 degrees Celsius). During this stage, specific metal oxides are added to the mix to achieve the Bio-Photonic purple hue. Notably, manganese and cobalt oxides are often used to create this color. These oxides are responsible for the glass’s ability to filter UV light and protect the contents from light degradation.

  3. Formation of Bio-Photonic Glass: Once the glass mixture reaches a homogenous, liquid state, it’s shaped into the desired form. This could be through blowing, pressing, or other glass-forming techniques. For products like your Wide Mouth Mason Jar Digital Cure lids, precise molds are used to ensure consistency and quality.

  4. Annealing: After forming, the glass undergoes annealing – a controlled cooling process. This step is crucial for relieving internal stresses. If skipped or improperly done, the glass could be prone to cracking or shattering.

Glass Vs Plastic To Cure Cannabis?

  1. Chemical Leaching and Microplastics: Plastics can degrade over time, especially under the influence of light, heat, and air – all factors present in the curing process. This degradation can lead to the leaching of chemicals and microplastics. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic, and their potential health impacts, especially when ingested or inhaled, are a growing area of concern.

  2. Health Implications: The ingestion or inhalation of microplastics is still being researched, but there is concern about their impact on human health. In a medicinal context, like with cannabis used for health purposes, avoiding any potential contaminants is crucial. This is why at Island Herbz, we advocate for using materials that keep the product pure and free from possible contaminants.

  3. Quality of Cannabis: Beyond health concerns, the quality of cannabis can also be compromised when stored in plastic. The interaction between plastic and the organic compounds in cannabis can alter the flavor and potency of the product.

  4. Environmental Impact: The environmental impact of plastic use is well-documented. Plastics contribute to pollution and are a significant source of environmental degradation. By choosing alternatives like glass, Island Herbz not only ensures the quality and purity of the cannabis but also upholds our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Elevating Cultivation Practices

Integrating Island Herbz’s Bio-Photonic Glass Jars into your post-harvest regimen enhances the culmination of your cultivation efforts:


Maximized Yield Quality: Scientifically-tailored preservation maintains the potency and quality of your yield, reflecting the full genetic potential of your cannabis strains.


Consistent Product Quality: Preserve the uniqueness of each strain. Our glass jars help maintain consistent quality across harvests, ensuring your product remains true to its genetic profile.


Enhanced Longevity: Extend the lifespan of your harvest. Our preservation methods facilitate a longer shelf life without compromising quality.


Elevating Curing Standards: Wide Mouth Mason Jar Digital Hygrometer Lid

Unparalleled Precision, Unmatched Preservation


Island Herbz pioneers excellence in preservation with our Wide Mouth Mason Jar Airtight Digital Cure Lids, redefining the art of curing botanicals. Against cryo curing’s limitations and plastic bag compromises, our digital hygrometer lids paired with glass jars deliver an unmatched solution. Here’s why:

  1. Airtight Digital Sealing: The hermetic seal created by our digital hygrometer lids ensures an airtight enclosure for your botanicals. This sealing prowess prevents oxygen exposure, preserving freshness, potency, and flavors throughout the curing process.

  2. Precise Humidity Control: The embedded hygrometer enables real-time monitoring and control of humidity levels. This precision empowers users to maintain the ideal environment for curing, crucial in preserving the nuanced qualities of the stored contents.

  3. Hydration Maintenance: Unlike plastic bags, which can cause dehydration or overly moist conditions, our glass jars coupled with digital hygrometer lids maintain optimal moisture levels. This consistent hydration prevents overdrying or excessive humidity, safeguarding the botanicals’ integrity.

  4. Non-Reactive Glass: Utilizing glass jars mitigates the risk of chemical leaching, ensuring purity in the curing process. Plastic bags, on the other hand, pose a risk of contamination and unwanted chemical transfer, compromising the quality of the stored contents.



Plastic Concerns in Cannabis Preservation


Cannabis, being a sensitive botanical, requires careful handling and storage to maintain its integrity. While plastic is commonly used for storage, there are legitimate concerns regarding its impact on the quality and safety of cannabis:

  1. Chemical Leaching: Plastic, especially when exposed to fluctuating temperatures, can leach harmful chemicals into the stored contents. These chemicals, such as phthalates and BPA (bisphenol A), have been linked to adverse health effects, including endocrine disruption and potential carcinogenicity.

  2. Degradation of Quality: The porous nature of certain plastics can lead to the absorption of odors, flavors, and moisture, ultimately compromising the quality and potency of the stored cannabis. This can alter the chemical composition and affect the overall experience upon consumption.

  3. Potential Contaminants: Plastic bags, commonly used in the curing or storage process, might harbor contaminants or residues from manufacturing processes. These residues can interact with cannabis, introducing impurities that might be harmful upon consumption.

  4. Environmental Impact: Single-use plastics contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Choosing plastic for cannabis storage perpetuates this issue, especially when considering the high turnover of plastic bags in the cannabis industry.

Glass vs. Cryo Curing:


  • Controlled Environment: Wide-mouth glass jars offer a controlled and stable environment for curing, in contrast to cryo curing’s extreme temperature fluctuations. This stability ensures a gradual, meticulous curing process, preserving the botanicals’ distinct characteristics.

  • Sustainability: Embracing glass jars aligns with eco-conscious practices. They are reusable, durable, and environmentally friendly, reducing waste and contributing to sustainable curing methods compared to single-use plastic bags.

  • Versatility and Durability: Glass jars provide a versatile solution for curing various botanicals, offering durability and longevity compared to the disposability of plastic bags, which are prone to tears and damage.

In summary, selecting Island Herbz’s Wide Mouth Mason Jar Airtight Digital Cure Lids for curing botanicals underscores a commitment to precision and preservation. The precision control, airtight sealing, and non-reactive nature of glass paired with digital hygrometer lids ensure optimal curing conditions, resulting in superior quality and potency in every botanical batch.

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