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Island Herbz 1 Oz Premium Bio-Photonic Purple Miron UV Glass Storage Jar (5PK)

✅ PREMIUM 1 OUNCE BIO-PHOTONIC PURPLE MIRON GLASS JAR – Experience luxury with our 1-ounce Miron glass jar, designed to block UV rays, preserving contents and rejuvenating dried goods overnight.

✅ 100% HERMETICALLY SEALED AIRTIGHT DIGITAL HYGROMETER LID – Keep freshness intact with our airtight and smellproof lid featuring a digital hygrometer for precise moisture, temperature, and humidity control.

✅ DIGITAL HYGROMETER SWITCHABLE BETWEEN IMPERIAL AND METRIC – Easily switch measurement units with our digital hygrometer lid, ensuring user-friendly customization for global customers.

✅ HYGROMETERS WITH ON/OFF SWITCH – Enjoy convenience and control with hygrometers equipped with an intuitive on/off switch, simplifying management and preservation of jar contents.

✅ UV PURPLE MIRON JAR WITH DIGITAL LID COMBO – Innovatively designed UV purple Miron glass jar with a digital hygrometer lid, providing an airtight and smellproof seal for optimal storage and preservation.


  • Maintains herb freshness and flavor for extended periods.
  • Shields herbs from UV rays and other detrimental elements.
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Allows easy monitoring of internal humidity.
  • Keeps herbs discreet and odor-free.
  • Applications:
  • Ideal for storing various herbs like cannabis, tobacco, and spices.
  • Versatile for sensitive items such as jewelry and cosmetics.

Elevate your storage game with Island Herbz’s UV Miron Glass Cure Stash Jars, where cutting-edge biophotonic technology meets the art of preservation.”


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Miron UV Glass Is An Extraordinary Type Of Borosilicate Glass, Specifically Designed To Effectively Block Ultraviolet (UV) Light, A Potential Destroyer Of Cannabis Quality As It Can Weaken Potency And Flavor. By Protecting Cannabis From UV Light, Miron UV Glass Helps To Keep It More Potent And Flavorful, Which Can Bring Many Great Benefits, Including:

  • 1. Shielding Cannabis From UV Light: The Harmful Effects Of UV Light Can Diminish Cannabis Potency And Flavor, But Miron UV Glass Serves As An Effective Barrier, Safeguarding Cannabis From The Ravages Of These Harmful Rays.
  • 2. Allowing For Optimal Curing: Curing Cannabis Correctly Is Necessary To Unlock Its Full Potential. Thanks To Miron UV Glass, Cannabis Can Be Cured Properly As It Provides A Dark And Steady Environment.
  • 3. Prolonging Shelf Life: In Addition To Protecting Cannabis From UV Light, Miron UV Glass Also Extends The Shelf Life Of Cannabis By Shielding It From Other Potential Dangers.
  • 4. Enhancing Appearance: Cannabis Cured With Miron UV Glass Will Have A Much More Vibrant Color And Overall Look.
  • If You’re Looking For A Reliable Way To Protect Your Cannabis From UV Light And Improve Its Quality, Miron UV Glass Is A Great Option. Furthermore, Here Are Some Extra Tips For Curing Cannabis Correctly:

  • 1. Choose A Cool, Dry, And Dark Spot For Curing Your Cannabis.
  • 2. Maintain A Humidity Level Of Between 62% And 65%.
  • 3. Rotate Your Cannabis Buds Every Few Days To Ensure Even Curing.
  • 4. Patience Is Key; Curing Cannabis Usually Takes 30 Days.

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Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in

2 reviews for Island Herbz 1 Oz Premium Bio-Photonic Purple Miron UV Glass Storage Jar (5PK)

  1. Marcus Demenski

    Holy shit just got my 5 pack in the mail today and I am thoroughly impressed with this jar and the lid! WOW WOW. Thanks Island Herbz for selling such a kick ass product. These jars are beautiful!!!!!

  2. Jared Sliger

    “Organization Made Easy!”
    “Love how this kit makes life easier. The scoop card, erase marker, and that slick digital lid? A complete herb-saving package that keeps me super organized!”

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