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Island Herbz 120ML Premium Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass Storage Jar (3PK)

Premium 3-Pack 100ml Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass Jars – Experience the pinnacle of curing with our exclusive 3-pack of 100ml jars, each expertly crafted to shield their contents from harmful UV rays. These bio-photonic purple glass jars don’t just preserve your herbs; they rejuvenate them, ensuring top-tier freshness and potency.

Sealed Airtight Lids with Integrated Digital Hygrometers – Attain unparalleled freshness with our 100% airtight lids, each coupled with a state-of-the-art digital hygrometer. These advanced features provide meticulous control over moisture, temperature, and humidity, guaranteeing the integrity of your herbs.

User-Friendly Digital Hygrometers with Dual Measurement Modes – Customize your curing process to meet global standards with digital hygrometers that transition seamlessly between imperial and metric units. This adaptability caters to a wide range of user preferences, enabling precision curing for everyone.

Hygrometers with Convenient On/Off Switches – Simplify your curing experience with our intuitive hygrometers, each equipped with an easy-to-use on/off switch. This design enhances the curing process, ensuring ease and efficiency in maintaining the quality of your jar contents.

Bio-Photonic Purple UV Jars with Digital Lids Combo – A fusion of innovation and style, our bio-photonic purple UV jars come as a triple pack, each paired with a digital hygrometer lid. This setup not only guarantees an airtight and odor-free storage environment but also optimizes conditions for superior herb preservation.


  • Ensures enhanced and prolonged freshness, aroma, and flavor of herbs.
  • Actively guards against UV light and environmental damage.
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew formation.
  • Enables precise humidity monitoring for ideal curing conditions.
  • Provides discreet and private storage, keeping odors at bay.


  • Ideal for storing a variety of herbs, including cannabis, tobacco, and culinary spices.
  • Versatile in preserving sensitive items like medicinal herbs, teas, or beauty products.

“Step into the future of herb preservation with Island Herbz’s Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass Cure Stash Jars 3-Pack, where cutting-edge technology meets sophisticated design, transforming your storage and curing process.”


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Our flagship Bio-Photonic Purple UV Cure Glass is an extraordinary type of borosilicate glass, specifically designed to effectively block ultraviolet (UV) light, a potential destroyer of cannabis quality as it can weaken potency and flavor. By protecting cannabis from UV light, Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass helps to keep it more potent and flavorful, which can bring many great benefits, including:

  1. Shielding Cannabis From UV Light: The harmful effects of UV light can diminish cannabis potency and flavor, but Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass serves as an effective barrier, safeguarding cannabis from the ravages of these harmful rays.
  2. Allowing for Optimal Curing: Curing cannabis correctly is necessary to unlock its full potential. Thanks to Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass, cannabis can be cured properly as it provides a dark and steady environment.
  3. Prolonging Shelf Life: In addition to protecting cannabis from UV light, Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass also extends the shelf life of cannabis by shielding it from other potential dangers.
  4. Enhancing Appearance: Cannabis cured with Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass will have a much more vibrant color and overall look.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to protect your cannabis from UV light and improve its quality, Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass is a great option. Furthermore, here are some extra tips for curing cannabis correctly:




  1. Choose a cool, dry, and dark spot for curing your cannabis.
  2. Maintain a humidity level of between 62% and 65%.
  3. Rotate your cannabis buds every few days to ensure even curing.
  4. Patience is key; curing cannabis usually takes 30 days.

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2 reviews for Island Herbz 120ML Premium Bio-Photonic Purple UV Glass Storage Jar (3PK)

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    Sheldon Watkins

    Such an awesome product and in travel size. I already have over ten of their 2 Ounce jars. These are perfect for those days when I go fishing and want to bring a few flavors.

  2. blank

    Island Herbz

    Thank you fam for your kind words

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    Howard H (verified owner)

    These Small Jars are perfect for my Go Bag I can keep my herb with me wherever I go now and keep and it discrete fast Shipping and customer service

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