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100% Airtight Starter Cure Kit: Island Herbz V2 Lid Set – (4-Pack)

Elevate Your Preservation Game

At Island Herbz, we’re excited to present our upgraded Airtight Digital Cure lid and complete starter kit—a testament to our dedication to preserving your botanicals at their finest.

Preserve with Unmatched Precision

Experience a new level of preservation with our Airtight Digital Cure lids featuring a 100% seal. These meticulously crafted lids create an airtight haven, ensuring the prolonged potency and freshness of your botanicals.

Specialized Features for Enhanced Control

Beyond hermetic sealing, each lid boasts unique functionalities. These lids can be effortlessly switched on or off, offering you precise control over the preservation environment. Moreover, the ability to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit ensures adaptable settings to suit your preferences.

The Full Package for Enhanced Care

Each kit boasts our signature 8-gram organic humidity controllers, meticulously designed to maintain optimal moisture levels for your herbs and spices. Alongside, discover essential accessories including a flower scoop card, a convenient slap-on label, and a versatile white erase marker—enhancing your preservation process.

Effortless Precision at Your Fingertips

Our airtight digital lid isn’t just about preservation; it’s about precision and convenience. Effortlessly monitor and adjust the perfect environment for your botanicals. Whether it’s cannabis, herbs, or spices, maintain their texture, flavor, and potency effortlessly.

Elevate Your Botanical Experience

With our enhanced Airtight Digital Cure lid and complete starter kit, elevate your botanical experience to extraordinary heights. Each component is carefully selected to preserve the essence, flavor, and potency of your herbs and spices while ensuring convenience and precision.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Island Herbz, excellence is our standard. Each kit we offer embodies our commitment to quality, delivering not just products but an elevated experience in botanical preservation. Embrace the future of preservation with our Airtight Digital Cure lid and complete starter kit—where quality, precision, and convenience converge seamlessly.

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Introducing Our Upgraded Airtight Lids and 8-Gram Humidity Controllers

We’re excited to announce our transition to airtight lids—ushering in a new era of preservation. Paired with our latest 8-gram humidity controllers, these innovations elevate the standard of botanical care to unprecedented heights.

Seamless Airtight Protection

Experience enhanced preservation with our newly introduced airtight lids. These lids are meticulously designed to ensure an impenetrable seal, safeguarding the potency and freshness of your botanicals with unrivaled precision.

Precise Humidity Control

Complementing our airtight lids, our upgraded 8-gram humidity controllers offer meticulous humidity control. Crafted to perfection, these controllers maintain optimal moisture levels, preserving the texture, aroma, and potency of your herbs and spices.

Elevate Your Preservation Game

Our transition to airtight lids and the inclusion of 8-gram humidity controllers signify our commitment to providing superior botanical care. Elevate your preservation journey and indulge in the assurance of quality and precision like never before.

Unlock Unparalleled Botanical Preservation

Step into the future of botanical preservation with our upgraded airtight lids and precision-engineered humidity controllers. Preserve your botanicals with confidence and embrace the pinnacle of preservation excellence.


  1. (4) Island Herbz Terplock Cure Lidz
  2. (4) Food Grade Silicone Rubber Seals
  3. (4) 8 Gram 2 Way Terplock Humidity Packs (Cures Up To 1 Ounce Each)
  4. (1) Canna Scoop Card, So STOP Touching Your Flower And Wasting Precious THC
  5. (1) White Water Erase Marker
  6. (1) Island Herbz Slap on Sticker


Bio-Photonic Cure Jars & Smart Mason Lids - Island Herbz Digital Curing Solutions

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Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in

State Of The Art Digital Curing Lids

Canna Cure Kit (Starter)

(4) Island Herbz Terplock Cure Lidz
(4) Silicone Rubber Lid Seals
(4) 4 Gram 2 Way Humidity Packs (Cures Up To 1/2 Ounce)
(1) Canna Scoop Card, So STOP Touching Your Flower And Wasting Precious THC
(1) White Water Erase Marker
(1) Island Herbz Slap On Sticker

3 reviews for 100% Airtight Starter Cure Kit: Island Herbz V2 Lid Set – (4-Pack)

  1. blank

    Island Herbz

    This simply has not been done in the Canna market. A cure kit that comes fully ready on day one to cure your Herbz!

  2. blank


    Definitely the best deal out there for 29 bucks. I have burp lids and feel kind of dumb i bought them and hygrometers and humidity packs all for about 80 bucks. Shit I could have just bought this kit.

  3. blank

    Terry Wright Senior Stoner

    Best economical way to cure. So far has been working great for the last 3 months. Hopefully humidity packs will be available soon

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