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Elevate Your Cannabis and Herb Storage with Island Herbz’s New Wide Mouth Kits and 2-Ounce Jar

Bio-Photonic Cure Jars & Smart Mason Lids - Island Herbz Digital Curing Solutions Includes 100% Organic 2 Way Humidity Packs

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis and herb enthusiasts, Island Herbz takes another stride forward with the introduction of three remarkable Wide Mouth Kits and the highly anticipated 2-ounce jar, set to be available this Friday. As pioneers in hermetically sealed digital cure lids, our commitment to impeccable preservation and user experience remains unwavering.

Explore the Wide Mouth Kits

The Starter Kit: Perfect for those starting their herb-curing journey, this kit offers 4 hermetically sealed digital wide mouth mason jar lids, ensuring freshness and potency. Paired with 8-gram 2-way humidity packs, an Island Herbz flower scoop card, a white water erase marker, and the iconic Island Herbz Logo Slap-On, this kit sets the foundation for optimal herb storage.

The Intermediate Kit: For enthusiasts seeking a bit more, our intermediate kit presents 8 of everything mentioned above. Elevate your storage game with this comprehensive set that caters to the needs of seasoned connoisseurs.

The Pro Kit: Unveiling our all-new Pro Kit, designed for those who demand the utmost in storage perfection. This kit boasts 12 hermetically sealed digital wide mouth mason jar lids, accompanied by a generous supply of humidity packs, Island Herbz essentials, and more. It’s the epitome of sophistication for serious herb aficionados.

Unveiling the 2-Ounce Jar

This Friday, Island Herbz is proud to introduce the latest addition to our product lineup – the 2-ounce jar. Crafted with the same dedication to quality and preservation, this jar is set to redefine how you store and cure your herbs. Its compact size makes it ideal for those who value efficiency without compromising on excellence.

Key Features:

  • Hermetic Seal: Our 2-ounce jar, like all Island Herbz products, features a 100 percent hermetically airtight digital lid, ensuring your herbs stay as fresh as the day you stored them.
  • Precision Humidity Control: Paired with an 8-gram 2-way humidity controller, this jar provides precise control over humidity levels, optimizing the curing process for the best possible results.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The kit includes a flower scoop card, white erase marker for strain names or cure dates, and the iconic Island Herbz Logo Slap-On, enhancing your overall herb-curing experience.


Bio-Photonic Cure Jars & Smart Mason Lids - Island Herbz Digital Curing Solutions

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