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Introducing Island Herbz’s Latest Innovation: The Ultimate Kits for Herb Preservation

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By The 420 Gardener

Introducing Island Herbz’s Latest Innovation:

Island Herbz proudly unveils an exciting breakthrough in herb preservation technology with the upcoming release of our brand new line of kits – the Starter, Intermediate, and Pro Kits, meticulously crafted to elevate your herb preservation experience to unprecedented heights.

Preservation Perfected: Hermetic Sealing

Our new kits feature 100% hermetically sealed digital wide mouth mason jar tops, ensuring optimal preservation conditions for your prized herbs. Each lid is precision-engineered to create an airtight seal, safeguarding the freshness, flavor, and potency of your herbs like never before.

Precision Control with 8 Gram Humidity Controllers

Understanding the importance of precise humidity control in preserving the quality of herbs, each kit includes a dedicated 8 gram humidity controller per lid. This ensures an ideal environment within the jars, allowing you to preserve up to an ounce of your treasured herbs without compromise.

A Kit for Every Connoisseur

The Starter Kit is perfect for those venturing into the art of herb preservation. It includes four hermetically sealed digital wide mouth mason jar tops, accompanied by four 8 gram humidity controllers, an Island Herbz flower scoop card, a white water erase marker, and an Island Herbz Slap-On label.

Stepping up, our Intermediate Kit equips you with eight of everything mentioned in the Starter Kit, amplifying your herb preservation capabilities.

For the discerning connoisseur, our Pro Kit is the pinnacle. Featuring twelve hermetically sealed digital wide mouth mason jar tops paired with twelve 8 gram humidity controllers, this kit caters to enthusiasts seeking the utmost in preservation excellence.

Elevating the Experience

At Island Herbz, we’re committed to not just preserving herbs but enhancing the entire experience. Each kit is designed to not only safeguard your herbs but to complement your journey, providing convenience, control, and the assurance of uncompromised quality.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch these innovative kits, revolutionizing the way you preserve and cherish your herbs. Join us in experiencing preservation perfection with Island Herbz.